Interpretation Centre of the Gorbeia Natural Park. Areatza

The interpretation centre of the Gorbeia Natural Park (Parketxea) is one more way to discover this striking zone of Biscay. It was inaugurated on January 2001. It is located in the old village of Areatza (1338) municipality characterised by its high historic interest wonderful medieval old part. It is situated in the centre of the town next to the city hall.

The Parketxea of Gorbeia is structured in three floors that exhibit its contents in order to the different altitudes.

In the ground floor we find ourselves with the soil the control of the valley (from 0 to 500 meters), in the first floor we can enter in the Gorbeia´s forest (500 to 1000 meters) in the second floor we reach the summit (1000 to 1481 meters).

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